Day Guest Vouchers

Welcome to all of our Tangalooma Island Resort Day Guests.
To access your Social Media Photo**, as part of the Premium Day Guest Cruise Package, please click the link below and use your provided password to access the galleries:

*Please read the below terms of use prior to entering the galleries.
**Please note this is a low resolution file for social media purpose. High resolution files and prints are available here.

Thank you from us all here at Tangalooma Island Resort.

We hope to see you again soon.

Gallery Terms of Use: These galleries are to be entered by qualifying Tangalooma Island Resort Premium Day Guest Cruise guests only. By accessing these galleries you agree to access them for the sole purpose of downloading your personal image(s) from the dolphin feeding or whale watching experience at Tangalooma Island Resort. Persons using this gallery acknowledge and respect the privacy of other individuals, and agree to not download images that they or consenting family members do not appear in. Guests also acknowledge that the photos available, as per the inclusion in their ‘Premium Day Cruise’ package, are strictly low resolution, social media image files. Guests wishing to purchase the high resolution , non branded digital files or prints of their dolphin feeding photo(s) can do so at an additional cost by entering the main galleries, accessible from this websites home page.